miranda Orchids from the Brazilian Amazon
Francisco Miranda

This lecture shows the basic different habitats in the Brazilian Amazon and the most interesting or showy orchids to be found there. Lost of habitat pictures. You will see that orchid distribution in the Amazon is not like what most people imagine, and that there are extremely interesting plants very well adapted to their surroundings and pollinators.


After an introductory page, you go to an Abstract page and then an Index page, where the subsequent 100 pages are all linked. This Index page is available on each page, at any stage in the lecture. You can get to it with one click of the mouse and from there to any desired page without having to actually follow the order of the lecture. This is useful when you just want to review some picture a few pages ago.

miranda This is how the lecture start with a relief map explaining what we are going to see and the basic distribution of the area or genus that is the subject.

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