Dendrobiums - An introduction to the species in cultivation
Sybella Schelpe & J. Stewart

24 x 17cm

115 páginas/pages

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Contents: 1. Dendrobium and their habitats; 2. Cultivation; 3. Classification. From 4 to 20 - all sections (Dendrobium, Callista, Formosae, Spatulata, Phalaenanthe, Latouria, Dendrocoryne, Pedilonum, Calyptorochilus, Oxyglossum, Rhizobium, Rhopalanthe, Aoprum, Macrocladium, Stachyobium, Fytchianthe, Breviflores). Further Reading; Publications on Dendrobium by E. A. Schelpe, Glossary, Index.

The genus Dendrobium is on of the largest in the orchid family and this book is an useful introduction for many enthusiasts who are becoming interested in growing orchids and want to find out more about there floriferous plants. It will help them to understand the botany of this huge genus and lead them to new species that they can grow. Above all it will help them to grow and flower their plants well. The greater part of this book is devoted to the description and illustration of the species that are commonly grown or could be grown by enthusiasts. Some historical and geographical information is included. The latter is often particularly useful to growers, giving clues as to the best treatment of plants to aid the maximum growth and production of flowers. Similar species are presented together in their sections as an aid to the identification of unknown plants.